Photographer of the Month

It's been just over 6 months since my last blog post, so it seems just about the right time to post again. 

I was honored last month to be named the "Photographer of the Month" by the Photography for Real Estate community ( This is an online forum of over 12,000 photographers from around the globe who all are interested in shooting interiors, architectural and real estate photography. Each month the contest has a theme, and for July it was "Master Bath". My shot of a magical en suite in Sherborn, MA was selected as the winner. This is especially rewarding for me because just about a year ago I told my photography coach that I wanted to win one of these monthly contests. Up until that time I had never even entered one because the stuff being submitted I felt blew my work away. But once I declared that goal out loud to my coach, I had no choice but to pursue it feverishly. Over the last 12 months I've placed as high as second in the monthly contest, but the top spot had eluded me. Until last month. 

It feels pretty awesome to check that one off the list and move on to the next goal. Stay tuned for that! 

Here's a link to the announcement post over on their site

And here's the winning photo: