The Big (Creepy and Most Likely Haunted) House

A few months ago, my good friend and fellow photographer Gregory Ng made a suggestion to me. "You and I should take one weekend a year where we go away to a neutral city with the sole purpose of shooting photos. No wives, no kids. No agenda or plan other than just a couple guys wandering around a not-so-familiar city discovering and shooting cool things." A few years ago, he had kindly dragged me along as sort of an assistant for a photo/video gig he had in Tuscany. It was the trip of a lifetime and the new plan is to try and capture a little of that magic at least once a year. I feel personal work is integral for creative growth, and it's nice to shoot something other than interiors purely just for the fun of it. Our maiden trip this year is to Philadelphia. Keep in mind this trip was planned BEFORE our Patriots had their butts handed to them by the Eagles in the Super Bowl. That sting has finally worn off and despite the bomb cyclone, weather freak show, Philly is proving to be a phenomenal first stop on the photo journey. Today we were at Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site, Philadelphia, PA. Creepy, eerie and wonderful! Here's a sample of some of the images.