H   O   M   E   :

A universal concept that resonates deeply within us all. Home is as much a feeling as it is a place, and I believe that a beautifully crafted image of a well-designed space affects people on a deeply emotional level.

My name is Michael Patrick Lefebvre and it's my passion to create images that evoke this emotion. I work collaboratively with interior designers, architects, builders and distinguished real estate agents to capture their artistic vision and provide them with bold photography that communicates the unique personality of a space.

Spending over twelve years in the real estate industry has given me an insider's perspective to the kind of imagery that best defines a home. I've traveled the globe to shoot everything from expansive villas in Tuscany, to tiny condos in South Boston; and I've studied under internationally recognized leaders in the field. I was recently awarded the coveted "Photographer of the Month" award from the prestigious Photography for Real Estate community, an international forum of 12,000+ of the world's most talented shooters. 

My long-time clients will tell you that I am more than just a photographer because I’m borderline obsessed with digging deeper to uncover the perfect blend of exposure and composition that breathes unforgettable life into a space. I've been told I'm easy to work with and that I offer exceptional value to my clients. 

My family and friends will tell you that: ( 1 ) I should just stick to playing the drums and not sing nearly as much as I do, ( 2 ) I'm a loyal, dedicated, creative who immerses himself in his work, and ( 3 ) I try my best to be a quiet, compassionate listener on the outside, even when there's a Nor'easter brewing on the inside. 

If you believe with all your heart and soul, as I do, that phenomenal photography is the major cornerstone of your brand, then I invite you to CONTACT ME to discuss your next project. I look forward to learning more about you and helping artfully capture exactly what "home" means to you. 


If you enjoy my work, please considering following along over at Instagram: @michaelplefebvre. Thanks! 

 Photo by   Jonathan Clancy