My sister is getting married next spring. Do you shoot weddings, too?

First of all, congratulations to your sister! Should be an awesome day for the family. Unfortunately, I do not shoot weddings. It's a very specialized niche and one that I am by no means an expert at. I'd hate to muck it up on your big day. My specialty is capturing interiors and architecture. I do have a couple colleagues that absolutely ROCK at wedding photography and if you need a recommendation, CONTACT ME, and I'll put you in touch. 

What are your rates?

Every project is uniquely different and pricing will depend on a number of factors. Size of the space, number of photos needed, extent of editing requested, travel fees, how you plan to use the photos, licensing, etc... I offer competitive half day and full day rates for commercial work. I've been told that I work very quickly, so my half day may be someone else's full day. For real estate agents who need a faster turnaround, less detailed precision and a more limited use license, I also offer real estate rates. Please CONTACT ME to discuss the specifics of your next project. I always try to work fairly within most reasonable budgets and believe I provide exceptional value. 

What exactly am I purchasing when I pay you for photography? 

Good question and one that is often misunderstood. When you contract me to photograph your project, you are purchasing a limited license to use the images I provide. As the photographer, I retain all ownership and copyright to the images I provide. It's similar to the way music, software, eBooks and movies are sold. You own a limited license to listen to/use/read/watch and enjoy the content you purchased for personal use. But you can't go burning multiple copies of it and re-sell it on the street. Depending on how you plan to use the images, my licensing agreement covers most situations. The license is non-exclusive and non-transferrable to third parties without my permission. If the designer, builder, stager, architect, homeowner or anyone else involved in the project wants to use the photos, please simply refer them to me. I try to be flexible and fair, allowing you to get the maximum value out of the images I provide while protecting my rights as a photographer. CONTACT ME to discuss my standard licensing agreement.

Can I use the photos on Houzz, Facebook, Instagram, my website, etc... ? 

Of course! I would expect you to show off your beautiful work on ALL your social media platforms. I simply ask that you credit the photos to: Michael Patrick Lefebvre and provide a link to my Houzz, Facebook, Instagram, etc... account. 

Do you still do floor plans, videos and property websites? 

Yes. For my valued real estate clients who need additional marketing materials to accompany their photos such as floor plans, full-motion video and single property websites, I can still provide these additional services as my schedule permits. CONTACT ME for pricing on these supplemental offerings. 

I've always just called you Mike. What's with the fancy name, hot shot? 

You can still call me Mike. When I decided to use my name as my brand, I quickly found out there are a lot of other Mike Lefebvre's out there. Surprisingly, some of them are even photographers! To avoid confusion with other photographers born with the same name, I made mine unique by using all three of my names. First, middle and last. My Mom likes it. And what's wrong with being a little fancy, anyways?